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2017-2018 General Information Messages Registration



The Etowah High School Baseball Program has activities that take place throughout the entire school year; beginning in August.  The Etowah Dugout Club supports the program throughout the year.  Beginning with a Fall Information Meeting during the month of August and progressing through the course of the year into the summer months with one of our largest fundraisers being hosting summer baseball tournaments. 

Whether you are new to the area, a rising Freshman, a Player interested in participating in the Etowah Baseball Program, a Parent or Guardian, a family member, an Alumni or someone just interested in following Etowah Eagles Baseball throughout the year you can use this registration site to sign up for e-mail general communications.

For potential/future Players and their families, this is the beginning of communications process with you to ensure you get as much information as possible related to the upcoming year.  Without your contact information, it may become challenging for you to follow all of the activities initially. 

For others, we will try and keep you informed regarding the activities of the Etowah Baseball Program; whether throughout the entire year or once the high school season begins, based upon your selections.

This registration site is designed to be a sign-up for general e-mail communications and will ask a series of questions so that we may attempt to communicate information you may be interested in receiving.  You can go ahead and create a new account now if you do not have one already by selecting sign up below and simply following the steps outlined. You will then complete a few simple questions giving us information about what type of communications you wish to receive.

You always have the option to "opt out" from receiving these communications in the future by letting us know.  We look forward to doing our best to keeping you informed throughout the course of the year.

Coach Greg Robinson and

The Etowah Dugout Club Board



Please direct questions to:

Please be sure to include a short reference/topic to your question in the subject line so that we may address your question as quickly as possible.  Thank you.